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At Clinica Trapero we prioritize the care of our patients by performing each surgery in the greatest medical facility at Culiacan, Mexico and with equipment under unbeatable conditions.

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We receive patients from all over the world, we provide them with transparent and immediate evaluations, all the pertinent information at their service and an exceptional service for any of the procedures that they’re interested in.

We make sure we provide an effective and satisfying experience.

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Body Contouring


Breast Augmentation With Breast Implants

Breast Reduction

Mastopexy With Implants



Thigh Lift


Health, Safety, Honesty. Those Are Our Priorities.

Dr. Trapero is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a passion for helping people feel and look their best.

He makes it a priority to listen to his patients, provide honest advice and open communication.

Dr. Trapero will go over all aspects of the procedure in detail, discussing ways to achieve and perhaps exceed the patient’s goals.

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Is it possible to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Trapero?

Of course, you can contact us by phone call or email to schedule your first virtual evaluation.

What is included in a mommy makeover?

The mommy makeover is a combination of three surgical procedures focused on restoring the figure of women who have experienced pregnancy or significant weight loss, it includes abdominoplasty, liposuction, and breast lift.
You can contact us to learn more about this excellent procedure!

What technology do you use to perform a Vaser HD Liposculpture?

At Clinica Trapero we use the best and most innovative medical equipment: Vaser, Microaire and Bodytite.

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I believe that every patient should be treated with respect, compassion, and the highest quality of care.

Dr. Trapero, M.D.


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Pedro María Anaya 1787-1 Col. Chapultepec, C.P. 80040 Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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