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Liposuction is a surgical procedure that can be performed through different techniques with the purpose to remove body fat from specific areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. This procedure is also known as Liposculpture or Body Contouring.

This surgery allows the shaping of these areas to achieve an aesthetic, defined and flattering final result.

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Get to know some of the key results of a Liposuction…
This is the procedure you are looking for!

Removes body fat from specific areas of the body

Aesthetic, refined and flattering results

Different advanced techniques are applied to achieve the best results (Vaser, BODYTITE, MicroAire)

Get to live what you have envisioned for so long!

Some of the techniques used by plastic surgeon Dr. Conrado Trapero, with which he has managed to achieve formidable results for his patients, are the following:


This ultrasound technology emulsifies the desired adipose tissue with a gentle approach, allowing it to keep as much tissue matrix as possible while performing the surgery.

The device used in this procedure is ultrasound-based and uses its energy as a means of fat breakdown. Also, the probes used for this technology have a small diameter, which makes the procedure safer by delivering less energy.

Micro Aire

MicroAire is a system designed for precise fat extractions, either small or large. This eases the treatment over areas of resistance and also reduces the risk of occupational diseases.


Bodytite technology uses a bipolar device that generates energy to control the focal increase in temperature at specific skin and subdermal depths, this produces fat coagulation, contraction of fibroseptal network fibers, and collagen stimulation that promotes skin retraction.

This system provides precise control of the energy delivered, the depth of treatment, and the maximum temperature reached.

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Dr. Trapero is a great surgeon! I’m very happy with my results. I definitely recommend him!

Sandra Torres


Excelente trato del doctor, super profesional y excelentes resultados.

Jessica Arias


Dr. Trapero hace muy bien su trabajo, estoy contenta con los resultados de mi operación. Muy atento con sus pacientes. Gracias Dr. Trapero a usted y a su personal, me atendieron muy bien 🙂 Excelente servicio.

Mrs. Aispuro


Me encanto la tecnología que utilizan y el trato excelente.

Mitzy González

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